We're the Katz brothers.

GatosBros. Jesse is sort of a self-styled inventor/designer/builder, and Robo-Boogie is studying manufacturing technology at Chico State University. We've spent the majority of our time and money over the last few years developing a small line of high-end dirtbike parts, but we're not a motorsports company. Not a traditional motorsports company anyway...

This is the stuff we want to use.

Most companies are making profit-driven decisions, and that makes good business sense, but this approach frustrates us as designers. With GatosBros, we have the freedom to design and manufacture the very best parts we can; and our motivation is entirely selfish. Designing and manufacturing and testing and patenting these products has been expensive and time-consuming. But we're putting everything we've got into this and we hope it shows.

Everything we make has to be the very best.

We agreed early-on that we didn't want to be limited by price constraints. We're making small batches of custom parts, using premium materials and expensive manufacturing processes. The bottom line is that we could make most of these parts much cheaper, but that's not the point. We want every product we make to be the very best-in-category, and if it's not, we don't want to put our name on it.

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Self-styled inventor/designer/builder

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