Handguards: C-Clamps

Make any set of handguards better

Sand belongs at the beach and dirt belongs on the trail, not jammed in between your throttle-tube and under your grips. 

C-Clamps protect open throttle tubes and save grips from crash damage. The totally unobtrusive design, with radiused edges are much friendlier to your paws than the hard, sharp edges handguard bars by themselves offer.

  • Adds minimal overall width to the handlebars (+2mm per side)
  • Grip / throttle tube slide in a minimal ammount (-4mm per side)
  • Fits all handlebars, and metal wrap-around handguards (except HighwayDirtBikes)
  • Compatible with all types of mounting hardware, including expanding wedges, threaded inserts, and more
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum, shot-peened, laser-etched, and anodized
  • Sold in pairs
  • Patents Pending