XR650R USD Conversion Tripleclamps

Use these tripleclamps to adapt modern CR/F forks to your XR650R

One of the best desert-sleds of all time, it's a shame Honda never updated this legendary bike. So we developed these CR/F conversion tripleclamps for the diehard XRR riders out there. These are limited edition parts and most of them were pre-sold, so get a set before they're gone!

There are many different ways to adapt a set of USD forks to the XR650R, but there are compromises and shortcomings associated with all of them. These tripleclamps preserve the stock geometry, and are designed to work with a foward-mounted Scotts damper. We also designed them to use KTM handlebar perches, which are reasonably priced and highly adjustable. We've included two sets of handlebar perch mounting holes in the upper tripleclamp, which provides four handlebar handlebar positions, and we're able to use the spacers and topcaps we developed for KTM's to fine-tune the ergonomics to fit a wide variety to different riders. If you want vibration-isolating handlebar perches, take a look at KTM's PHDS perches.

  • Designed to adapt modern CR/F USD forks to the XR650R chassis
  • Maintains original XRR suspension geometry
  • Works with forward-mounted Scotts stabilizer post (allows easy oil fill access)
  • Adjustable handlebar height, using optional GatosBros spacers
  • Integrated steering stabilizer mount, works with Scotts & Fastway
  • Designed to use KTM-style handlebar perches, which are reasonable priced and highly adjustable

It's taken a while, but the tripleclamps are finally done! We just finished verifying fitment, and we're really pleased with how they turned out. The fit is perfect, but there are some minor cosmetic blemishes - like the chatter-marks that you can see in a few of the pictures, and some slight imperfections in the anodizing. Nothing that affects the performance in any way, but they're not quite up to our standards, so we're going to be selling these tripleclamps at a 20% discount. 

There are some options that will affect the pricing, but the basic package includes the tripleclamps, pinch-bolts, stabilizer mounting blocks, and 5mm top caps. The price for all those components, after discount is $500. The only additional parts you'll need are; a stock XR650R steering stem to press into these new tripleclamps, and a set of KTM handlebar perches. If you want to run a steering stabilizer, you'll also need a Scotts or Fastway steering damper, a Scotts forward-mount stabilizer collar-post, and a pair of our handlebar perch spacers that will raise your bars up high enough to clear the stabilizer.