2013 King of Motos

You guys would have to know Robo-Boogie to understand. A few years ago he decided to race Vegas-to-Reno, solo, having never done any kind of desert racing before. Got a call from him at about 5pm the night before he had to be down there for tech, asking if he could borrow my new bike (that I had just purchased a few days ago and had not even ridden yet). Took him until about 2am to get the bike kinda-sorta-halfway-prepped and he and our buddy Jefe crashed for a few hours, then got up and drove straight to Vegas. Think they made it to tech about ten minutes before they closed. Of course this was all so last-minute they hadn't made any kind of plans, so they just slept in the back of the pickup truck on the starting line the night before the race. Robo got up a half-hour early and took my bike for a quick spin that morning to get a feel for it. Jefe drove like a maniac and pitted the whole race for him, single-handedly. This is just how it goes with them. I think they're idiots. But I love them for it.

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